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My name is Aleš Půta and I operate Hemingway Gastro Group s.r.o..

Let me introduce us. HGG provides its services at various events, parties, presentations on different occasions, where a professional bar and cocktail magic is a must. Since 1998 we have gone through a number of changes resulting in the current state of things.

I personally participated in a number of events where I made the best of effort to deliver a top professional performance. New image, new business name, new colleagues, that all brings a new, even higher, standard.

Why Hemingway? Personally, I am highly impressed by this man's life linked to beverage gastronomy more than it is known.
His original signature under this sentence is the evidence.

Hemingway sign
My mojito in La Bodeqiuta, my daiquiri in El Floridita


Aleš Půta

Aleš Půta - Hemingway Bar

David Andrle

David Andrle - Hemingway Bar

Ondra Hnilička

Ondra Hnilička - Hemingway Bar

Tomáš Melzer

Tomáš Melzer - Hemingway Bar

Kateřina Kluchová

Kateřina Kluchová - Hemingway Bar

Josef Horáček

Josef Horáček - Hemingway Bar

Lukáš Skoupilík

Lukáš Skoupilík - Hemingway Bar

Tereza Fridrichová

Tereza Fridrichová - Hemingway Bar

Sandra Šalatová

Sandra Šalatová - Hemingway Bar

Tomáš Trnka

Tomáš Trnka - Hemingway Bar

Jan Veselý

Jan Veselý - Hemingway Bar

Petr Slavíček

Petr Slavíček - Hemingway Bar

Adnan Al-Madhagi

Adnan Al-Madhagi - Hemingway Bar


Hemingway Gastro Group, s.r.o.
Karolíny Světlé 279/26, Staré Město
110 00 Praha 1
IČ: 28211049
DIČ: CZ28211049

Agency mobile: +420 608 974 764
Bar mobile: +420 773 974 764



  • PURCHASE ORDER - to be placed based on the expected scope of event indicating the range of services requested. It will be confirmed by sending a specific offer with preliminary budget outlined.
  • PURCHASE ORDER CONFIRMATION - can be made based on the final idea of the services provided.
  • EVENT – date, time and place is to be pre-arranged.
  • Should the event be cancelled less than five days before the pre-arranged date, a CANCELLATION fee amounting 30% of the budget price will be charged.
  • PAYMENT will be requested to be credited to our company account within two weeks from issuing the invoice.
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Agency mobile
+420 608 974 764
Hemingway Bar
+420 773 974 764

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